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Simply Wired provides the solution you need for your business or home. Scroll down or click on the category below to learn more about how we can solve your networking and security troubles.

Residential Services


Integrate a strategic structured cabling and network plan into your home for a number of benefits, including better resale value, lower operating costs, easy maintenance, and smooth operation of all devices.

Simply Wired can fix all of your network issues with a structured wiring system that can be integrated into any house plan, whether new construction or a remodel.

In addition, Simply Wired can install security cameras to keep your family and property safe and protected. 

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Residential Services

Commercial Services


Save time and money, and improve your businesses capabilities and service with a network that will allow you to safeguard your data, operate smoothly, and provide uninterrupted service. Integrate a strategic structured cabling plan into your business for a number of benefits, including lower costs, easy maintenance, reliable service, secure data, safety, and all-around improvement in your daily operations. Secure your investment with a camera system that will protect your property and allow you optimal control and ease of use.


We approach every project, large or small, commercial or residential, with the same philosophy: to provide you with the simplest solution to your unique wiring needs. From a single ethernet line to the structured wiring for your business, we ensure quality craftsmanship and service you can trust. Never over budget, our quotes are always on target.


Residential retro-fit

This home in Encinitas had no existing network infrastructure. We retrofitted a network panel and fished in multiple CAT 6 lines to create a reliable network for optimal performance and a clean, finished, organized look.


For this project at Subway in Camp Pendleton, we completely overhauled the existing network and phone infrastructure.  

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Our Work
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