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Why Structured Wiring?

As the world of technology continues to evolve, businesses and homeowners are becoming increasingly more reliant on Wi-Fi to conduct daily activities. But you can’t successfully operate your business, protect your data, secure your property, stream movies, play games, operate lights, and make secure calls at once - and with ease - if you’re network isn’t up for the task.


In fact, one of the most common complaints among consumers today is poor Wi-Fi coverage. Spotty service and weak signals (AKA dead zones) can impact productivity, frustrate employees or family members who can’t complete their work, and cause handheld devices to drop service or not perform to their fullest potential - or even at all. 

Reliable Performance Experience You can Trust

Businesses and homeowners no longer can afford to rely on mainstream telecom firms to do it right. Your business and home requires a future-proof, energy-efficient structured wiring system that will take the burden off of your wireless network while increasing your property or businesses value.


Reliable & flexible

Your business or home needs reliable and flexible infrastructure and secure ethernet for your data, Voip systems, phones, security, and telecommunications. Structured cabling serves as the backbone of your business and provides the high bandwidth and stability that you need for growth.



Structured cabling is a cost-effective, long-lasting investment that supports new technology and application trends while reducing maintenance and fees without the headache and expense that comes with a complex, outdated system.


Better resale value

Simply Wired also provides home builders and remodelers a structured wiring system that can be integrated into their house plans, providing a number of benefits to their clients, including better resale value and lower costs, while eliminating the need for a messy, disruptive, and costly retrofit.

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